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Variable Universal Life Insurance From Nationwide

Variable Universal Life Insurance From Nationwide


Do you need life insurance and have a desire to build assets for your retirement? If so, Nationwide YourLife Accumulation VUL may be right for you. Variable universal life offers flexible life insurance protection and investment potential for future growth.

Benefits of variable universal life insurance

Our flexible premium life insurance can help with:

  • Insurance-based retirement planning
  • Supplemental investing
  • Business planning
  • Long term care costs
  • Legacy or estate planning

This product offers permanent life insurance protection and optional riders that can customize your policy. You can potentially build cash value to use for retirement income or other expenses that come up along the way.1

Riders are available for an additional cost and may not be available in all states. Keep in mind that investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about this variable universal life insurance:

Find out more about the investment portion of this product:



Riders and Options


Learn how you can customize your life insurance policy to your specific needs.


Fees and Charges


Make sure you understand sales charges, surrender charges and other parts of your life insurance policy.

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Please read this important information

Guarantees and protections are subject to Nationwide's claims-paying ability. They don't apply to the investment performance or safety of the underlying investment options. Underlying sub accounts are only available as investment options in variable insurance contracts issued by life insurance companies. They are not offered directly to the general public.

Life insurance is issued by Nationwide Life Insurance Company or Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Company, Columbus, Ohio.

1Access to your money – This assumes that the contract qualifies as life insurance under section 7702 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and is not a modified endowment contract (MEC) under section 7702A. Most distributions are taxed on a first-in/first-out basis as long as the contract meets non-MEC definitions under section 7702A. Loans and partial withdrawals from a MEC generally are taxable and, if taken prior to age 59½, may be subject to a 10% tax penalty. Unpaid loans will reduce the cash value and death benefit payable, and if the policy lapses with a loan outstanding, it will be treated as a distribution and may be subject to income tax.

Policy/Certificate: NWLA-440-AO
Oklahoma Policy/Certificate: NWLA-440-OK
Riders/Endorsements: NWLA-412, NWLA-414, NWLA-415, NWLA-416, NWLA-417, NWLA-419, NWLA-420, NWLA-421, NWLA-423, NWLA-229, NWLA-317, NWLA-318
Oklahoma Riders/Endorsements: NWLA-412-OK, NWLA-414, NWLA-415, NWLA-416, NWLA-417, NWLA-419, NWLA-420-OK, NWLA-421-OK, NWLA-423, NWLA-229-35, NWLA-315-35, NWLA-318-35

NFW-1742AO.2, NFW-3262AO, NFW-2809AO